Briston Maroney

S3E32/December 10, 2020/ 01:04:40

This week, we get to catch up and find out what Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco have been up to for the past few months. Briston Maroney, one of our 2020 Bonnaroulette picks drops in for a chat. Find out why his parents didn't want him to go to Bonnaroo at first. Also, Lord Taco introduces the Roo Gaming Crew! Visit if you'd like to donate or watch.

Hoop 'N Hollerin' – A Recap of Bonnaroo News

S3E31/October 19, 2020/ 01:05:51

Which Virtual ROO-ALITY shows lit you up last month? We talk about our favorites and recap some of the recent Bonnaroo news, including the passing of Manchester Mayor Lonnie Norman and the festival's date change to September 2021.

Virtual ROO-ALITY Weekend with Jeff Cuellar of AC Entertainment

S3E30/September 22, 2020/ 58:38

We kick off Virtual ROO-ALITY weekend with Jeff Cuellar, VP of Strategic Partnerships at AC Entertainment. Jeff talks in length about the shift Bonnaroo had to make to a virtual festival, and what challenges they face as they prepare for 2021. Also: we press Jeff about two beloved icons that could return to The Farm next year.

Hamms Crossover with RooHamm and Roo Bus!

S3E29/September 16, 2020/ 01:14:53

Introducing the ultimate in Bonnaroo podcast collaborations! We team up with Parker and Jake from RooHamm and Daniel and Sharla from the Roo Bus for an epic conversation about Bonnaroo, music, and of course Hamms beer with a live tasting. Will Lord Taco give up PBR for Hamms? Listen and find out!

Bonnaroo Fantasy Draft

S3E28/September 10, 2020/ 01:05:16

Brad, Barry, and Russ draft their Top 5 Bonnaroo artists in the first ever What Podcast Fantasy Draft. And we'd like you to pick the best one! Vote in our poll over at @thewhat_podcast on Twitter. Plus, we talk to Patreon Phil!

I Am Bonnaroo – The Work of David Bruce

S3E27/August 31, 2020/ 01:05:54

Today we meet the man behind the iconic film project I Am Bonnaroo. David Bruce is a true Bonnaroovian and a talented photographer, who has been capturing the people of Bonnaroo for ten years. You've no doubt seen his work, now hear how it all started with a road trip 1,000 miles to Manchester in the car with a complete stranger. Plus, we discuss what music we're listening to during quarantine and who we think would make good additions to the lineup for 2021.

Mitch Ryder

S3E26/August 25, 2020/ 01:02:35

In a very special episode of The What Podcast, Brad and Barry sit down with rock-and-roll and blues legend Mitch Ryder. Not only has Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels played Itchycoo, he was the last person to perform with Otis Redding.

Leaked: A New Song by *repeat repeat

S3E25/August 9, 2020/ 59:50

In a first for The What Podcast, we actually leak a brand new song from our friends *repeat repeat. Jared Corder joins Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco to talk about the world premiere of "Wind in My Sail".

Bonnaroo 2021 or 2022?

S3E24/July 27, 2020/ 01:12:07

Patreon Bill joins Brad and Barry to share his tales of driving 17 hours to Manchester and then waiting in line another 11 to get in. And, he still fell in love with Bonnaroo. Plus, we share some scary news about the future.

The End of Season 3

S3E23/June 29, 2020/ 01:03:17

Listeners of The What Podcast should not be surprised Bonnaroo 2020 was cancelled. We Brad, Barry and Lord Taco put the wraps on this season and reflect on the news and predictions we brought you. Were we correct? What does the future hold for Bonnaroo and live music in general? Season 3 may be over but The What Podcast is still going strong. We hope to bring you some more interviews and breaking news just as we always have. But for now, it's time to pay our respects to 2020, the Bonnaroo that never was.

Speakeasy-Roo with Roo Bus and Special Guests

S3E22/June 23, 2020/ 33:38

In a special impromptu crossover episode of The What Podcast and Story Time at the Roo Bus, we bring you details on a special Speakeasy-style Bonnaroo live from Winchester, TN. There's just one problem…Brad and Barry aren't here. Instead, we are joined by some very special guests: Daniel from The Roo Bus, Lindsey and Celia from Roo Fitness, Kyle the Bonnaroovian, and David from the I Am Bonnaroo film project. We talk about some of our all-time favorite Bonnaroo moments and what we would have looked forward to seeing this year, had we been on The Farm. Also included are some voicemails left by you guys on our What Podcast Virtual Mailbox. We hope this brings you a little bit of Bonnaroo in June when we would otherwise be hanging out together. Special thanks to Lindsey from Roo Fitness and Daniel from Roo Bus for putting together this small, but enjoyable weekend! Also thanks to Lee Gibson, Seeds?, and DJ Snow for the live entertainment.

Virtual Camp Nutbutter Part 3

S3E21/June 19, 2020/ 01:24:06

In our final installment of Virtual Camp Nutbutter, Brad, Barry, and Russ are joined by some of our long-time campmates: Hillary, Nicky T, Bryan Stone, Dinson, and Chrissy! We reminisce about Bonnaroos past and imagine what this past weekend would have been like, had we all been together for this year's festival.


S3E20/June 16, 2020/ 33:16

In a first for The What Podcast, Barry talks to an artist not on the Bonnaroo lineup. EmiSunshine is a young up-and-coming star in the country music scene, although her musical style isn't contained by the genre and her songwriting ranges across all subjects. Her newest work is called "Stars", in collaboration with Bootsy Collins (yes THAT Bootsy Collins) and other legendary artists. We hope you enjoy this little detour from Bonnaroo and check out this fun interview with Brad and Barry. EmiSunshine is set to perform this Friday at Songbirds South in Chattanooga.

Virtual Camp Nutbutter Part 2: Repeat Repeat

S3E19/June 12, 2020/ 58:54

Virtual Camp Nutbutter continues with some of our most favorite people in the world: *repeat repeat! Jared and Kristyn have now joined us for every season of The What Podcast, and they happened to be our first podcast guests back at Camp Nutbutter in 2018.

Virtual Camp Nutbutter Part 1: Jim Burruss

S3E18/June 12, 2020/ 44:44

We're sad we aren't on The Farm today, and you are too. Instead, we bring you a series of virtual Camp Nutbutter experiences with some special guests! Today, we are speaking with Jim Burruss from Columbia Records. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

Bonnaroo Day

S3E17/June 10, 2020/ 43:54

It's Bonnaroo Day...or at least, it should be. We reflect on what would have been our arrival on The Farm today, and also speculate about Bonnaroo's apparent silence on social media lately. What could it mean? Brad and Barry take a look at some other festival cancellations and how they could affect a September Bonnaroo. Stay positive and remember that we will be reunited back in Manchester soon.

Force Majeure

S3E16/May 10, 2020/ 01:09:50

Unless you are a lawyer, the term might not meant much to you as a music fan or artist before, but it will from now on. Today we have a fascinating conversation with Jeff Becker, an entertainment and media lawyer with an impressive roster of clients in the music industry. You will learn a lot from this interview! Also, just how pessimistic is Brad?

Exit/Out – The State of Live Music Venues

S3E15/May 4, 2020/ 01:12:21

We switch gears this week and talk with Chris Cobb, owner of the Exit/In music venue in Nashville, TN, OG Nutbutter Campmate, and precinct captain of the newly formed National Independent Venue Association. NIVA was formed to help preserve the ecosystem of independent venues across the country while they are force to close throughout the pandemic. Chris shared some eye-opening insights about the state of live music and told us what he thought it would take for a large festival like Bonnaroo to resume. Also: has Brad found the perfect festival food?

Larkin Poe

S3E14/April 28, 2020/ 01:20:13

This week on The What Podcast, Barry talks with Larkin Poe and their (hopeful) return to Bonnaroo this year. Is Septemberoo still likely to happen? What shows are we binge watching while staying at home? We also talk with our friend and What Podcast Patron David from Ohio.

EOB In the House

S3E13/April 21, 2020/ 01:09:21

Brad and Barry talk new music, vinyl and festivals with Ed O'Brien from Radiohead and Jesse and Melanie from the Rust and Wax record shop at The What Podcast. (We promise it's Ed O'Brien in the video)

Paradise Lost

S3E12/April 12, 2020/ 01:12:35

Brad and Barry are joined by Lord Taco and What Podcast Patreon Frank to talk about Bonnaroo and the pandemic, but also the loss of the legendary John Prine.

Bonnaroulette Part 2 and a COVID-19 Update

S3E11/March 22, 2020/ 01:22:00
This week, we bring you Part 2 of our Bonnaroulette series where we spin the wheel and listen to a random artist from the lineup. But first, a discussion on the latest news surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and how it affects the 2020 festival season, including Bonnaroo.

COVID-19: What's Next

S3E10/March 15, 2020/ 48:05

It's the episode we didn't want to make, but felt like it needs to be talked about. The Coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19, is taking out festivals left and right. What's next? What does it mean for Bonnaroo? We don't know either. But, we feel better about it being together.

Bonnaroulette Part 1

S3E9/March 8, 2020/ 27:07
Staying away from the conspiracy theories and worry for a couple of weeks until it calms down, we dive into the lineup with part 1 of Bonnaroulette! Brad and Barry spin the "wheel" and see where it lands for 2020. Who will they discover this year?

Bonnaroo Sells Out: Ken Weinstein

S3E8/March 2, 2020/ 46:36

This is not a regularly scheduled episode, but with the recent news about the festival selling out, we had to get Ken Weinstein from Big Hassle Media on the phone and talk about it. Please keep in mind, this is not the best audio quality, but we were limited with time and other factors. Regardless, we think you'll enjoy listening and Ken even breaks a little scheduling news as well.

Traveling to Bonnaroo: A Patreon Chat

S3E7/February 23, 2020/ 01:31:18

How far do you travel to get to Bonnaroo? This week, Brad and Barry talk with two Patreon supporters to hear how they make traveling across country work. We also swap Bonnaroo stories and hear about what the festival means to them, and who they are excited about this year on The Farm. Thank you Timothy and Liesl for supporting The What Podcast on Patreon!

Moon River

S3E6/February 18, 2020/ 01:09:16

It's our first Patreon chat! Barry and Brad talk with Roo fan Aaron from Orlando and Moon River co-founder Drew Holcomb as well as Brad from AC Entertainment.

Electric: Booking The Other/Plazas

S3E5/February 7, 2020/ 01:09:06

What is "Future Bass"? How are the Plazas curated? Brad and Barry talk with Bobby and Sophie from C3 Presents and get an education on EDM, and learn about the evolution of the campground plazas in the last few years.


S3E4/January 30, 2020/ 53:07

Brad and Barry discuss all things Lizzo and we have an added bonus with Brad's interview with the rising superstar back in May.

Lineup Behind the Scenes: Part 2

S3E3/January 26, 2020/ 01:01:21

Part 2 of our interview with Ted, Steve, and Bryan at AC Entertainment in Knoxville, TN. This was a fascinating look into the world of festival booking and how the entire lineup is curated and comes together.

Lineup Behind The Scenes: Part 1

S3E2/January 21, 2020/ 01:11:57

Brad and Barry leave the friendly confines of The What Podcast's worldwide headquarters and travel to Knoxville to talk directly with Ted, Steve and Bryan at AC Entertainment about how they book the Bonnaroo lineup.

Lineup Day

S3E1/January 7, 2020/ 58:26

The Bonnaroo 2020 lineup is finally here! Brad and Barry (with special guest Bryan Stone) go line by line with you and share their thoughts. There's lots to go over here and even some stuff we missed, which will be coming out in future episodes.

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