Holiday Leftovers

S2E24/December 20, 2019/ 54:50

This week, Brad and Barry tackle a whole plate of Bonnaroo leftovers, including the Bonnaroo vets we've lost along the way, big news about the podcast, and an in-depth discussion about Lizzo as the first female headliner at Bonnaroo as we get closer to lineup day. Thanks to The Moxy Downtown Chattanooga for another live episode of The What Podcast! #atthemoxy

2020 Changes

S2E23/November 20, 2019/ 50:58

In a special pop-up show - Brad and Barry dissect some of the changes announced for the farm in 2020.  Plus, the guys dig into some of the rumors floating around since the possible leak of headliners on Inforoo.  Drop us a comment if ya like - giving away tickets for the weekend soon! 

Roo Bus Crossover

S2E22/November 10, 2019/ 01:22:11

Today we bring you a very special episode of The What Podcast, with our good friends Daniel, Sharla, Brooklin, and Chelsey from The Roo Bus! They made the trip to Chattanooga from Huntsville so they could sit down with us and record an episode. Along with special guests Bryan Stone of StoneOnAir and Kevin and Mitchell from Camp Reddaroo, we talk Roo lineup rumors for 2020, some favorite Bonnaroo memories, and more.

2020 Predictions

S2E21/October 6, 2019/ 01:18:04

Brad & Barry are back!  Joining them today to talk Roo 19 / Moon River Festival / Exit 111 and Roo 2020 is Jeff Cuellar from AC Entertainment.  Plus, Brad & Barry make some educated guesses for the 2020 lineup!

Roo 2019

S2E20/June 24, 2019/ 01:04:05

This week Brad & Barry review Bonnaroo 2019. Plus, they chat with Bishop Briggs (shortly before Brad destroyed her dressing room) and Quinn XCII. Relive the festival's highs and lows on one of the final episodes of the season.

Ken Weinstein

S2E19/June 17, 2019/ 29:56
On Sunday, Brad & Barry had the honor to host Ken Weinstein from Big Hassle Media at Camp Nutbutter to chat all things Roo....from the early days and how it got started to what made this year a sell out...and Ken even drops a Cardi B-like "OKURR"....a very special moment in broadcast history.

Live from Camp Nutbutter

S2E18/June 15, 2019/ 24:19
Brad and Barry review day the first two days of Bonnaroo 2019, with Bryan Stone of StoneOnAir!

Live from Camp Reddaroo

S2E17/June 15, 2019/ 45:37
Brad and Barry join the annual beer exchange with Camp Reddaroo, one of the largest camps in Groop camping. With special guests: Roo Bus, Bonnarovian, Bonnarooster, and more. It's like a live Reddit thread!

Odds and Ends

S2E16/June 9, 2019/ 01:03:59
Last show before Bonnaroo! Brad & Barry tie up some loose ends before the festival and get in deep with Delacey and Patrick Droney...2 shows that have quickly become can't-miss for 2019.

Grand Ole Opry-Roo

S2E15/June 2, 2019/ 01:01:12
The show we've been waiting for...The Grand Ole Opry! The highlight of our Thursday will be the magic that comes from the group of artists playing the Grand Ole Opry. This week, Brad & Barry chat with Ketch from Old Crow Medicine Show, who is the mastermind behind this year's show. This is a MUST listen for all Bonnaroovians.

Dos & Don'ts

S2E14/May 26, 2019/ 01:00:33
This week Brad & Barry go through the lists of Do's and Don'ts for the festival. After 15 years of Bonnaroos, they have compiled a very long list of advice for the newbie or maybe some ideas for a Roo vet!

Brad's Picks!

S2E13/May 19, 2019/ 01:00:04
Today, we explore Brad's picks for Bonnaroo 2019 and get a special surprise phone call from Deva Mahal as she was announced as a SuperJam performer!

Barry's Picks!

S2E12/May 13, 2019/ 39:23
This week, Barry gives us his picks for Bonnaroo 2019!


S2E11/April 30, 2019/ 01:14:41
Today on the show, Brad & Barry talk the unspoken hero of Bonnaroo life, the Vendors. First up, Michael from Spicy Pie (mmmm). Plus they clean up and clean water with Water Ways in Chattanooga and Phil from the non-profit world, Making Waves!

Bonnaroo Gumbo

S2E10/April 22, 2019/ 01:04:35

A little bit of everything in this week's episode. Brad and Barry talk the Moon River festival with the founder (and excellent singer-songwriter) Drew Holcomb and puts Bonnaroo in perspective from the vantage point of a boutique festival. Plus, Jake from Illiterate Light chats about their Roo show at the Who Stage and we give away a pair of tickets to ROO!!

Schedule Day

S2E9/April 14, 2019/ 01:24:20
This week Brad & Barry dive into the schedule and the many, many conflicts for 2019. Along the way to help are listeners Dortha and April and even a surprise appearance from Camp Nutbutter fellow camper and podcast host himself, Bryan Stone (@stoneonair)

The Who Stage

S2E8/April 6, 2019/ 01:07:25
This week, in honor of the additions to the 2019 lineup, Brad & Barry dive in to the artists playing the often forgotten Who Stage! So excited because there are LOTS of discoveries this week! Plus, the guys talk to Matt from Drax Project, another Who Stage addition for this year.

Rap & Hip Hop

S2E7/March 31, 2019/ 41:47
Stepping out of their box, Brad & Barry dive into the rap & hip hop artists on this year's lineup. No, it's not their normal lane, but thanks to The What listeners' suggestions, they navigate the ones not to miss this year.

Bonnaroo First Timers 2019

S2E6/March 17, 2019/ 01:19:43
This week, Brad & Barry dive into some of the first timers playing Bonnaroo! The guys chat about their first year and even chat with Bonnaroo First Timer, Adam from AJR. Plus, listener Dustin calls in to talk about his first year at Roo last year and 2 special surprise guests to give us tips for first time roo-ers!

*repeat repeat

S2E5/March 9, 2019/ 01:15:05
For the first time in What Podcast history, we have a return guest...and ironically the first repeat guest we have are the kids from *repeat repeat.

Jared and Kristyn talked how Bonnaroo changed their band and career, their new album, and what it was like working with Patrick Carney.

Then, we chat with podcast listener Brandon for our listener spotlight this week! Thanks for listening!

Walk The Moon

S2E4/March 3, 2019/ 55:31
Today, Brad & Barry talk to Nicholas from Walk The Moon and previews their latest trip to the farm. Plus, updates from the site and a chat with listeners, podcasters, and fellow festival-junkies, David and Trevin!

2019 Bonnaroo-Lette

S2E3/February 24, 2019/ 34:37
To whet our Bonnaroo appetite, Brad & Barry brought back a favorite from season 1, Bonnaroo-Lette! They spin the wheel of songs and whoever they land on they play. It's how they discovered Davie, Repeat Repeat and so many others from 2018...who will they find this year? Then, the guys talk to fellow Bonnaroovian and podcast listener, Monica! Drop them a line and get in for tickets with camping passes for 2019!

Jeff Cuellar of AC Entertainment

S2E2/January 27, 2019/ 55:58
Brad & Barry are back! To start season 2 we pull the curtain back with one of the top guys at AC Entertainment to explain some of the missing pieces of the 2019 Bonnaroo puzzle...Jeff Cuellar, The VP of Strategic Operations for AC Entertainment. We talk lineup, infrastructure, secrets of the trade and so much more. It truly was one of the most enlightening conversations about Bonnaroo-life we have had and full of so many nuggets. Also, join us at and drop us a line...if so, we will enter you for a pair of tickets to ROO 19!

Lineup Day!

S2E1/January 8, 2019/ 34:48
It's finally here! By now, you've (hopefully) seen the Bonnaroo 2019 lineup. Now listen as Brad and Barry begin a deep dive into each day's headliners. Some big surprises here, but this lineup still feels like home. Also, you might notice something a little...nutbuttery on that poster? Plus in this episode, we break a little news that nobody else can give you about the schedule!

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