The Roo Tang Clan

S1E21/December 4, 2018/ 55:32
As lineup day draws near, Brad & Barry chat with Dan & Richard from The Roo Tang Clan (@rootangclan) and hear the origin story of one of the biggest Groop camping experiences of Bonnaroo. Plus, they share who they want to see on the farm this year!

Wish List & Roo Bus

S1E20/October 1, 2018/ 54:00
Welcome back! Brad & Barry are back to talk Roo News with Daniel from @TheRealRooBus + we make our Bonnaroo wish list to pass the time as we await June 2019.

Bonnaroo Recap

S1E19/June 17, 2018/ 53:28
Brad and Barry recap their amazing 2018 Bonnaroo Experience. What worked....what didn't? What is the future of the podcast?

The War And Treaty

S1E18/June 17, 2018/ 19:31
After creating one of the great moments in Bonnaroo history, Michael and Tonya Trotter sit down with Brad and Barry to discuss life, love and changing lives. This one will set your soul on fire.

Repeat Repeat / Live from Camp Nutbutter

S1E17/June 8, 2018/ 26:49
Repeat Repeat joined us live at StoneOnAir remote Podcast studio at Camp Nutbutter!

Live From Camp Nutbutter!

S1E16/June 7, 2018/ 17:04
Welcome to Bonnaroo 2018! Brad and Barry are joined by campmate Bryan Stone to talk the additions to the grounds, Brad's ridiculous theory, and who to expect to hear on the podcast this year!

First Aid Kit

S1E15/May 27, 2018/ 53:20
On the final podcast before Bonnaroo, Brad and Barry are joined by a surprise guest - First Aid Kit! Plus we talk to Brandon from @Bonnaroo365, Kyle from @thebonnaroovian and listener Parker to get their Roo picks!

Barry's Picks

S1E14/May 20, 2018/ 39:23
This week we take a tour through Barry's picks for Bonnaroo weekend! Send us your suggestions and we will feature them next week on the show!

Brad's Picks

S1E13/May 13, 2018/ 42:09
Less than 3 weeks away from Bonnaroo! This week we explore Brad's picks for the festival. Who are his must-see shows? Who are yours? Submit your list to us at and we will feature them in 2 weeks.

The Bonnaroo Beacon

S1E12/May 6, 2018/ 57:35
This week Brad and Barry get insight from Relix editor (and the brains behind the Bonnaroo Beacon) Mike Greenhaus! Plus, as we get closer to Roo the guys have a request for you, the listener. Cool?

Bonnaroo Vets

S1E11/April 27, 2018/ 01:03:23
This week we have the honor of talking to the Senior VP of Promotion Operation of Columbia Records, Jim Burress on the air with us. Jim's extensive knowledge of the industry and his deep passion for music and Bonnaroo make him the perfect guest to talk about what it means to be a Bonnaroo vet. Plus, we invited some of our camp mates from Camp Nutbutter to the show...welcome Bryan Stone and Nick Turner!

Bon Iver

S1E10/April 22, 2018/ 46:29
This week, Brad and Barry jump into the show that has most people scratching their heads - Bon Iver. How their sound has changed over 3 albums and what will the 2 sets be like at Bonnaroo? Plus, they talk the schedule release, shorter set times and more!


S1E9/April 15, 2018/ 41:57
Switching it up this week on The What Podcast with Brad Steiner and Barry Courter...join them as they spin the Bonnaroo-lette wheel. Hitting shuffle on the Bonnaroo playlist and playing artists that it lands on, whether they know them or not. Plus, the guys go through all the Roo news from the past week!

St. Paul and the Broken Bones Part 2

S1E8/April 6, 2018/ 39:43
Part 2 with Paul Janeway from St. Paul and the Broken Bones includes breaking news about the new album(s) and the worst show they have ever played as a band. Plus, Brad and Barry chat with podcast listeners about Bonnaroo!

St. Paul and the Broken Bones

S1E7/April 1, 2018/ 29:26
Over the course of 45 spectacular minutes, Brad and Barry talk to one of their favorite artists, Paul Janeway from St. Paul and The Broken Bones. In part 1 Paul tells one of the best Bonnaroo stories ever told, talks transitioning from the first album to the second, and talks about the time he almost quit music.

Moon Taxi

S1E6/March 25, 2018/ 32:45
Could there be a more "Bonnaroo Band" than Moon Taxi? This week, Brad and Barry talk to Trevor from Moon Taxi about their history with the festival, what it means to them, and what to expect from their show from the farm this year!

Bonnaroo First Timers

S1E5/March 18, 2018/ 34:08
This week on The What Brad & Barry explore the artists playing The Farm for the first time. Along the way they give some advice to first time attendees and get to chat with Roo First Timer, Bazzi!

The Revivalists

S1E4/March 11, 2018/ 31:41
This week Brad Steiner and Barry Courter welcome Rob and Dave from The Revivalists! They chat about how it all started, the first time they ever played Bonnaroo, progress on the new album, and maybe some surprises along the way! Plus, details on how you can win Bonnaroo tickets with camping passes!

Ashley Capps

S1E3/March 4, 2018/ 39:35
This week, Brad Steiner and Barry Courter dive into the past, present and future of Bonnaroo with the kingmaker himself, Ashley Capps from AC Entertainment. Ashley breaks down the evolution of the festival and gives us some news about this years Bonnaroo....AND details on our special guest for next week's podcast.

Sturgill Simpson

S1E2/February 25, 2018/ 27:04

This week, Brad Steiner and Barry Courter dive into the stories that make up the Sturgill Simpson catalogue as we prepare for his return to Bonnaroo. Interact / Enter to win tickets to Bonnaroo and more at

Anderson .Paak

S1E1/February 16, 2018/ 21:12
This week on The What Podcast - Brad Steiner and Barry Courter dive into Anderson .Paak's musical career and highlight his work as Bonnaroo 2018 approaches.

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