First Aid Kit

Season 1, Episode 14 May 27, 2018 53m

Brad SteinerBarry Courter

On the final podcast before Bonnaroo, Brad and Barry are joined by a surprise guest - First Aid Kit! Plus we talk to Brandon from Bonnaroo365, Kyle from The Bonnaroovian and listener Parker to get their Roo picks!

Topics: First Aid Kit, Bonnaroo

Guests: Johanna Söderberg, Klara Söderberg, Kyle, Brandon, Parker Reed

  1. Topics
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. Bonnaroo
  1. Guests
  2. Johanna Söderberg
  3. Klara Söderberg
  4. Kyle
  5. Brandon
  6. Parker Reed
  1. Seasons
  2. Season 1
  1. Hosts
  2. Brad Steiner
  3. Barry Courter

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