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Saving Moon River: How the Festival Overcame a Sunday Rainout

Saving Moon River: How the Festival Overcame a Sunday Rainout

Season 5, Episode 24 September 21, 2022 52m

Barry CourterLord Taco

Barry and Lord Taco spent some time with the folks who turned a rainy Moon River Sunday into a memorable impromptu concert at a Chattanooga concert venue. It's a case study in timing, luck, thinking outside of the box and building relationships. In about two hours, organizers were able to move a half dozen artists and 3,000 fans to a city-owned venue. And, the staff showed up to make popcorn, too.

Moon River co-founder Drew Holcomb, AC Entertainment President Ted Heinig, and others join the show to discuss the memorable weekend.

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Topic: Moon River

Guests: Ted Heinig, Drew Holcomb, Sam Fort, Courtney Keene, Nick Wilkinson

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