Mat Kearney Talks Cover Songs, His Career Journey, and More at Moon River Festival

Season 5, Episode 23 September 14, 2022 37m

Barry CourterLord Taco

Barry and Lord Taco praise the festival for how it handled Sunday's rainout

Barry and Lord Taco attended the Moon River Festival along with Bryan Stone in Chattanooga this past weekend. Sunday could have been a disaster when heavy rain and lightning forced the event to end early and evacuate the park, but the organizers pivoted and were able to offer attendees an amazing indoor concert at a nearby venue at the last minute. This is a great festival success story in light of weather-related incidents from the past few years. Also in this episode, we sat down with Moon River performer Mat Kearney before his set on Saturday and find out which car all three of us used to own in the past.

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Topic: Moon River

Guest: Mat Kearney

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In this episode
22:52Mat Kearney shares how he realized doing Dave Matthews covers was not going to be his future in music.
28:26Barry and Lord Taco attended the Moon River Festival in Chattanooga and sat down with Mat Kearney, who shared his thoughts on evaluating his own records.

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