Our Demands for Bonnaroo 2023

Season 5, Episode 22 August 24, 2022 56m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

Plus, Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco discuss how the festival landscape changed this year

The What Podcast is back -- and it comes with demands for Bonnaroo 2023!

After taking a few weeks off after this year's Bonnaroo, Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco are back and ready to look forward to next year's event. Brad has some booking must-haves on his list, including Rage Against the Machine (after seeing their recent Madison Square Garden run), The Wild Hearts (Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, and Julien Baker), and a Cee-Lo Green James Brown tribute SuperJam.

Elsewhere, The What Crew discuss the changes to and reduction of the festival landscape they've witnessed during 2022, and we learn Brad and Barry are not gamers as they discuss Lord Taco's Twitch channel.

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In this episode
6:10Brad, Barry and Lord Taco discuss fellow Bonnaroovian Bryan Stone, and his relationship to Woodstock '99.
12:05Brad is obsessed, and perplexed, by Lord Taco's Twitch, and it's not a physical malady. Or, is it? The guys talk about online gaming.
22:40On an earlier episode, the guys predicted this would be a year of transition and change in the music festival world and it appears that is what is happening.
27:46Does the cancellation of Shaky Knees have any implications for other musical festivals?
38:56Brad has some suggestions, some might call them demands, for what he'd like to see at Bonnaroo 2023.

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