Meeting Bill Murray and Interviewing Wild Rivers

Season 5, Episode 25 September 28, 2022 53m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

Brad is back on The What Podcast and joins Barry and Lord Taco to talk about his new best friend, Bill Murray, and he hints at some Bonnaroo lineup rumors. Plus, Barry and Lord Taco share their recent interview with Wild Rivers.

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Topics: Moon River, Bonnaroo, Wild Rivers

Guests: Devan Glover, Khalid Yassein, Andrew Oliver

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  4. Wild Rivers
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  2. Devan Glover
  3. Khalid Yassein
  4. Andrew Oliver
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  2. Season 5
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  2. Brad Steiner
  3. Barry Courter
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In this episode
04:50Brad tells Barry and Lord Taco about his chance encounter with Bill Murray. Highlights include actually "petting" the actor.
19:04Is it too early to start talking about lineup rumors for Bonnaroo 2023?
45:50Wild Rivers tell Barry and Lord Taco about the origins of their trio.

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