Diving into EDM on the Bonnaroo 2024 Lineup Part 2

Season 7, Episode 12 March 27, 2024 1h 17m

Barry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

Just a few weeks ago, The What Podcast crew started to take a look electronic dance music's relationship with Bonnaroo. This week, that journey continues, as Barry, Bryan, and Lord Taco chat with a panel of fans who seek to help guide them through the uncharted EDM waters (What is 'Electro-Soul'?).

Now familiar with the genre's history in regards to Bonnaroo, as well as having examined the evolution of The Other stage and Where in the Woods, the gang now turns to a carefully selected group of experts: Tyrone Basket of The Daily Frequency, Kyle Gonzalez, Christian Pina, and Matthew Murphy. The guests answer Barry and Bryan's questions, helping them awaken the rave-kids that perhaps have been within them all along.

Building on what we learned from Daniel a few weeks ago and his Spotify EDM playlists (bonnaroo bpm, where in the woods swirl, where in the woods bass, and philos records takeover), the panel helps us break down the artists on the lineup and give us an idea of what to expect (Beware of SVDDEN DEATH!).

Stay tuned to The What Podcast to hear when we announce the winner of our ticket giveaway contest, too!

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Topics: Bonnaroo, EDM

Guests: Tyrone Basket, Kyle Gonzalez, Christian Pina, Matthew Murphy

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