Bonnaroo's 2024 Outeroo Lineup and Television's Richard Lloyd Reflects on Marquee Moon

Season 7, Episode 11 March 20, 2024 1h 6m

Barry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

Also, more rounds of Bonnaroulette

This week on The What Podcast, Television's Richard Lloyd joins the crew to dive into the band's seminal release, Marquee Moon. Listen to the art-punk legend's insights here, or watch via YouTube.

Lloyd tells stories of writing and recording Marquee Moon, including why drummer Billy Ficca appears orange on the cover art. "Billy liked health food, but he ate too many carrots," he remembers with a chuckle. "We were telling him, 'Stop! You're turning orange!' And he kept eating them."

Before the gang sits down with Lloyd, however, there's some very important Bonnaroo news to break down: the lineup of Outeroo/Where in the Woods. The gang dissects the announcement, finding time to sneak in some Bonnaroulette phone calls along the way with recommendations like The Heavy Heavy, Milky Chance, and Japanese House. Discover artists on the Bonnaroo 2024 lineup along with us on Bryan Stone's Bonnaroo 2024 Spotify Playlist.

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Topic: Bonnaroo

Guest: Richard Lloyd

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