Mapping Out the Highlights and Conflicts of the Bonnaroo 2024 Schedule

Season 7, Episode 13 April 10, 2024 1h 44m

Barry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

The crew also sits down with Soberoo founder Patrick Whelan

This week on The What Podcast, hosts Barry, Lord Taco, and Bryan offer their quick takes and expert opinions on the just-released Bonnaroo 2024 schedule.

Every year, Barry, Lord Taco, Bryan, and thousands of Roovians patiently await the Bonnaroo schedule, hoping for the best and expecting the worst when it comes to set conflicts. Finally, the Bonnaroo 2024 schedule is here, and there's lots to talk about! Will it all go out the window when you finally get to the Farm? Probably, but it sure is fun to map out your dream path through the festival!

That's not all the crew has in store for listeners this week, however! They also talk with Patrick Whelan, co-founder of Soberoo, a non-profit organization he informally started at the first Bonnaroo in 2002. Soberoo is a project that ensures anyone looking to remain sober throughout the duration of the festival still has fun, safe places on the farm. The group now shares its mission at dozens of festivals around the country. Learn more here.

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Topics: Bonnaroo, Soberoo

Guest: Patrick Whelan

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