Staying Sober and Finding Support at Bonnaroo

Season 7, Episode 14 April 17, 2024 1h 25m

Barry CourterBryan Stone

Bonnaroo is famous for being a place where people can explore not only music, but themselves. That's why it is so important to foster safe environments for people of all walks of life. This week on The What Podcast, guests Tara Viland, Kai Viland, and Cassie Wanamaker join Barry and Bryan to continue last episode's conversation about staying sober on The Farm.

The crew chats about how Bonnaroo is a wonderful place for meeting new people and exploring new worlds, but how it can also be a tough place for people trying to lead a sober life. With the right support and a good mindset, however, it can lead to just as rewarding of an experience.

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Topics: Bonnaroo, Soberoo

Guests: Cassie Wanamaker, Tara Viland, Kai Viland

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