Chatting with Our Bonnaroo 2024 Ticket Giveaway Winner

Season 7, Episode 15 April 24, 2024 1h 15m

Barry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

Lucy is headed to Roo!

Drumroll, please! The winner of The What Podcast's ticket giveaway has officially been announced - congratulations to Lucy Young!

Throughout their exploration of the Bonnaroo 2024 lineup, Barry, Bryan, and Lord Taco asked listeners which artists they should check out prior to heading to the farm. Over 100 of you called in to make recommendations, and the gang wants to thank all of you for doing so! Of course, only one caller can take home the tickets, and this year it's San Antonio Roovian Lucy Young.

Young joins the podcast to chat about why Bonnaroo is so special, telling stories of past years and a certain marriage proposal. Elsewhere, the crew also finds time to run through the latest music festival news, including the new Huntsville festival South Star.

And now that our ticket giveaway is concluded, we want to introduce a new contest! This time, we want you to call our voicemail line at (423) 667-7877 and give is your best Bonnaroo tips, a favorite Bonnaroo memory, or ask us anything! We'll select one winner to receive a prize package of Bonnaroo memorabilia from Barry's basement!

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Guest: Lucy Young

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