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COIN on Returning to Bonnaroo in 2022

Season 5, Episode 5 February 17, 2022 51m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

The Nashville trio shares their origin story with The What podcast

A former girlfriend played a big role in getting Ryan Winnen, Chase Lawrence, and Joe Memmel together in what is now COIN. The guys join Brad, Barry and Lord Taco on The What podcast to discuss their Nashville origins, festivals, and their upcoming return to Bonnaroo this summer.

Barry, Brad, and Lord Taco also weigh in on last week's Jack Antonoff conversation and discuss the polarizing responses to Taylor Swift. Not only that, they discuss their upcoming ticket giveaway for Bonnaroo 2022.

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Topics: COIN, Bonnaroo

Guests: Ryan Winnen, Chase Lawrence, Joe Memmel

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