Jack Antonoff Talks Bonnaroo 2022 SuperJam, Damon Albarn on The What Podcast

Season 5, Episode 4 February 9, 2022 43m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

Bleachers frontman previews his "1984 SuperJam" for this summer's Bonnaroo

The What Podcast hosts obviously love Bonnaroo, and they're not the only ones; Jack Antonoff has played the fest numerous times, and is heading back to the Farm in 2022 both with his band Bleachers and as the architect of a 1984-themed SuperJam.

On this episode of The What, Antonoff joins Brad to chat about his love for the festival and his plans for the special SuperJam. He also touches on Damon Albarn's recent remarks about Taylor Swift, and the craft of songwriting in general.

Elsewhere in the episode, Brad and Barry discuss the Neil Young-Joe Rogan feud around Spotify, as well as camping at Bonnaroo.

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Topics: Bleachers, Bonnaroo, SuperJam

Guest: Jack Antonoff

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