The 'Roo Crew: The What Podcast Live Episode

Season 5, Episode 17 June 15, 2022 1h 6m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

The What welcomes a score of special guests

It's Bonnaroo week, so The What Podcast welcomed a group of Bonnaroovians onto the show for a live episode. Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco were joined by Tara and Kai, Jake from the RooHamm podcast, Bryan Stone from Camp Nutbutter, and Daniel and Sharia from The Real Roo Bus to discuss what they're excited about, changes to the Farm, and lineup picks.

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Topics: Bonnaroo, Roo Bus, RooHamm

Guests: Jake Dably, Daniel Horton, Sharla Horton, Tara Viland, Kai Viland

  1. Topics
  2. Bonnaroo
  3. Roo Bus
  4. RooHamm
  1. Guests
  2. Jake Dably
  3. Daniel Horton
  4. Sharla Horton
  5. Tara Viland
  6. Kai Viland
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  2. Season 5
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  2. Brad Steiner
  3. Barry Courter
  4. Lord Taco
  5. Bryan Stone
In this episode
2:00The What Podcast gets hijacked for a minute or two for an episode of Diesel Talk With Lord Taco and Daniel from The Real Roo Bus.
23:2015-year-old Kai, a veteran of Bonnaroo, Moon River, Forecastle, and a bunch of other festivals offers her recommendations for bands to see this year on The Farm.
42:33Jake from RooHamm talks about the expected much smaller crowd at this year's Bonnaroo.

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