Superfly Co-Founder Rick Farman on the Origins and Future of Bonnaroo

Season 5, Episode 13 May 11, 2022 1h 18m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

Veteran festival producer also sets the stage for their new crowd-sourced music event, Superf3st

Superfly was just over five years old when co-founder Rick Farman and three of his former college buddies and fellow co-founders decided to create what became Bonnaroo. Farman joins Brad, Barry and Lord Taco of The What Podcast to talk about why they wanted to do it, and why they thought it might work.

In addition to discussing the history -- and future -- of Bonnaroo and other Superfly events, Farman digs into their newest venture: Superf3st. A Web3 community-based experiment, Superf3st aims to build an event from the community up, giving members a chance to make decisions and influence the direction of the festivals itself.

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Topics: Bonnaroo, Superfly, SUPERF3ST

Guest: Rick Farman

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In this episode
19:45Superfly's Rick Farman remembers being on stage with his fellow co-founders in 2002 as the first Bonnaroo came to a close and thinking, "What were we thinking?"
23:29Was it hubris or naivete that led the founders of Bonnaroo to think they could present a festival that would draw 70,000 people to a farm in Middle Tennessee? Rick Farman shares his thoughts.
55:30Superfly/Bonnaroo co-founder Rick Farman joined to talk about the origins of Roo, but also to talk about a new venture called Superf3st that will be created and curated by fans.

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