Giving EDM at Bonnaroo Its Due

Season 5, Episode 12 April 27, 2022 55m

Barry CourterLord Taco

Barry, Lord Taco, and their friend Kyle break down some essential EDM acts at Bonnaroo 2022

EDM and all of its subgrenres have become a big part of Bonnaroo in recent years, and the guys on The What podcast freely admit it's not their lane. So, Barry and Lord Taco reached out to friend of the show Kyle to learn more and get his thoughts on which acts are not to be missed at this year's Bonnaroo.

Follow Kyle on Instagram at @thekylegonzalez or @thesteelyvan, and listen to his EDM playlists on Spotify here: Bass, House, Pop, and Hiphop.

Interested in seeing the show for yourself? You'll need tickets to Bonnaroo 2022, featuring appearances by Tool, Stevie Nicks, J. Cole, The War on Drugs, and CHVRCHES, as well as EDM acts like Gryffin, Illenium, Porter Robinson, and more. Get yours here.

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Topics: Bonnaroo, EDM

Guest: Kyle Gonzalez

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In this episode
14:15Bass music loud enough to ruffle his T-shirt and kick up the sand around his ankles hooked Kyle on EDM music and he's been a fan ever since.
20:20Boutique festivals that feature genre-specific lineups such as EDM have their positives, but so do fests like Bonnaroo, which offers a broader lineup, according to What Podcast listener Kyle.
22:25What is the difference between house, dub, trap and the other subgenres of EDM? What Podcast listener and EDM fan Kyle offers Barry and Lord Taco his thoughts.

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