2022 Festival Lineup Rankings: Coachella, Shaky Knees, Bonnaroo, and more

Season 5, Episode 2 January 26, 2022 40m

Brad SteinerBarry Courter

Festival fans got hit with an onslaught of lineups in the last couple of weeks, and Brad and Barry from The What podcast discuss and rank their favorites. Spoiler alert, it's New Orleans Jazz Fest at number 1 and then everyone else.

But what of Coachella? Or less "prestigious" events like Shaky Knees or Boston Calling? And then of course there's the biggest elephant in the room, Bonnaroo?

Topics: Boston Calling, Bonnaroo, Forecastle, Shaky Knees, Jazz Fest, When We Were Young, Riverbend, Coachella

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  7. When We Were Young
  8. Riverbend
  9. Coachella
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