Bonnaroo 2022 Lineup Reactions!

Season 5, Episode 1 January 11, 2022 55m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco dive into the best, the worst, and the head-scratching bookings

It's finally here! After two years of cancellations, Bonnaroo is ready to try again in 2022 with its newly revealed lineup. If there's anything that gets festival fans excited, it's lineup day, and The What podcast gang are definitely festival fans.

As soon as the lineup dropped, Barry, Brad, and Lord Taco were on Zoom dishing their reactions to the 2022 Bonnaroo bill. What day are they most excited for? What do they think of Stevie Nicks becoming the first female performer to headline the festival? How do they feel about Machine Gun Kelly's booking?

Find out what they think by listening to The What podcasters react to the Bonnaroo lineup in the latest episode. Listen above, or watch the full video of the podcast below. Then, grab your tickets to Bonnaroo 2022 here.

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