Talking Bonnaroo 2023 with Bryan Stone and Evan Bonnaroo

Season 6, Episode 18 July 5, 2023 1h 14m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

The What Podcast crew relives their favorite moments from the recent festival with some choice company

StoneOnAir podcast host Bryan Stone and photographer Evan Bonnaroo join Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco to discuss the 2023 Bonnaroo festival in this very special episode of The What Podcast.

From the aspects that went perfectly according to plan to the parts that... didn't (the number two in Plaza Two incident), the pair of guests provide a new perspective on how this year's Bonnaroo went down. Elsewhere, the gang touches on mental health, Soberoo, Korn, Portugal. the Man, and so much more.

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Topic: Bonnaroo

Guest: Evan Bonnaroo

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