On The Farm: Thee Sacred Souls at Bonnaroo 2023

Season 6, Episode 19 July 12, 2023 23m

Barry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

Catching up with the rising neo-soul act

On this special episode of The What Podcast, Barry and Lord Taco sit down with Thee Sacred Souls while on the Farm at Bonnaroo 2023. The neo-soul act run through their experience at the festival, how they got their start, and the ins and outs of their creative process.

"Growing up listening to the oldies and classic soul and doo-wop, it kinda falls into the music naturally," bassist Sal Samano explains. "I don't think it sounds exactly like the music we were and are listening to; I think it just naturally ends up in the music."

Elsewhere, Barry and Lord Taco make early speculations about Bonnaroo 2024 and give an anticipated update on Lord Taco's beloved bus.

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Photo by: David Bruce

Topics: Bonnaroo, Thee Sacred Souls

Guests: Alex Garcia, Josh Lane, Sal Samano

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