Sixthman VP Jeff Cuellar joins The What Podcast to Talk Bonnaroo, Cruise Festivals, and More

Season 5, Episode 8 March 23, 2022 1h 15m

Brad SteinerBarry Courter

One of Bonnaroo's key creators discusses how the festival has improved over the years

Jeff Cuellar was a key member of the teams that created such festivals as Bonnaroo, Railbird, Forecastle, and Moon River. For today's episode of The What Podcast, he joins Brad and Barry to talk about his roles with those events, as well as to chat about his new job with Sixthman, where he helps produce mini festivals on cruise ships and resorts around the world. Cuellar also goes over some of the changes made to The Farm before he left.

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Topics: Bonnaroo, Sixthman

Guest: Jeff Cuellar

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In this episode
13:25Sixthman Vice President of Partnerships Jeff Cuellar tells Brad and Barry why mini festivals aboard cruise ships are so popular with fans, and artists.
40:57Jeff Cuellar was a part of Bonnaroo since the beginning and he tells Brad and Barry about how close the event was to happening in September before it was canceled due to an excessive amount of rain
48:10Jeff Cuellar was a key part of the Bonnaroo festival team before taking a job with Sixthman in October and he tells Brad and Barry about some of the changes made to The Farm before he left.

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