Say She She Takes On Bonnaroo 2024 as Festival First-Timers

Season 7, Episode 24 July 3, 2024 59m

Barry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

As soon as Piya, Nya, and Sabrina of Say She She stepped onto The Farm for Bonnaroo 2024, they instantly saw what made the festival so special. After performing to an enthusiastic crowd on Thursday, the trio sat down with Barry, Bryan, and Lord Taco to talk about their performance, their Talking Heads cover, and how they were welcomed to their first Bonnaroo.

"I had so many friends tell me their beautiful stories about Bonnaroo and being proud of us that we're finally doing it," says Piya Malik, originally from the UK and she instantly saw the parallels to Glastonbury. "We're a new band. No one knows who we are. But the crowd that was there, the support of this, the energy, they welcomed us to their Bonnaroo."

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Topics: Bonnaroo, Say She She

Guests: Piya Malik, Nya Brown, Sabrina Cunningham

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