Danny Clinch on Photographing Bruce Springsteen and Getting Radiohead to Play Bonnaroo

Season 6, Episode 28 December 13, 2023 1h

Barry CourterLord Taco

Capturing music history on film one shot at a time

Danny Clinch's photographs have appeared in hundreds of magazines and countless album covers over the years. He's made a career documenting some of the best moments in rock, folk, hip-hop, and beyond. So of course, he's crossed over with Bonnaroo on more than a few occasions.

On this episode of The What Podcast, Clinch joins Barry and Lord Taco to chat about some of his best known work, including the iconic photos of Bruce Springsteen in the snow from his Letter to You album. He also tells his stories of shooting Taylor Swift for Time and how he's directly influenced Bonnaroo history.

"I had a hand in telling Radiohead how cool Bonnaroo was, and that it was the closest thing to a European that they would see," he recalls. "They were not so sure about doing it, and when they ended up doing it, they absolutely loved it."

Regarding Springsteen's own appearance on The Farm, Clinch noted: "I also had a lot to do with Springsteen sitting in with Phish that year. Bruce had come and done the festival and he stayed an extra day. He was watching Citizen Cope from the side-stage with one of his sons, and I wandered over to Bruce and I said, 'Have you seen Phish before?' He said, 'No!' I said, 'Well they're tonight; those boys can play anything...' An hour later I ran into their tour manager and he said, 'Hey Bruce just hit us up! I think he's gonna come and sit in, come over and photograph while they're rehearsing!'"

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