The TOTEM Foundation and How Bonnaroo Can Change Lives

Season 6, Episode 27 November 22, 2023 27m

Barry CourterLord Taco

Behind Roo Bus' nonprofit initiative to radiate positivity year-round

Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco of The What Podcast have long-known that Bonnaroo can change lives for the better - and they're not alone. For many, the festival is about much more than big-name headliners and Spicy Pie. Case in point, Roo Bus' new nonprofit venture TOTEM.

This week, the program's Daniel and Sharla Horton drop in to talk about the new initiative, the organization's goals, and how they seek to bring people together. Through radiating positivity year-round, the two cultivate a strong community, life-long relationships, and the best vibes known to man. Find out more about TOTEM here.

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Topics: TOTEM Foundation, Bonnaroo

Guests: Daniel Horton, Sharla Horton

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