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Tales from The Farm with Bonnaroo Attendee Cassie

Season 6, Episode 29 December 20, 2023 46m

Barry CourterLord Taco

A 10-plus-year Roo vet weighs in on the fest

Fans still have a few weeks to go before Bonnaroo is expected to drop the 2024 lineup in all of its glory, so in the meantime, Barry and Lord Taco from The What Podcast decided to take a boots-on-the-ground view of their favorite festival. They invite friend of the show Cassie to discuss everything from how the event has changed over time to the experience of being on The Farm, and more.

Having attended Bonnaroo for nearly a decade (frequently by herself), Cassie argues that the lineup is only a small part of what makes the event so special. As evidenced by her friendship with The What crew, it's more about the people!

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Topic: Bonnaroo

Guest: Cassie Wanamaker

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