Riot Fest, CaveFest, and Catching Up with flipturn at Moon River Festival

Season 6, Episode 24 September 27, 2023 41m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

On this jam-packed episode of The What Podcast, Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco chat about the various festivals they've recently attended and plan to hit soon. Plus, the crew catches up with flipturn while on-site at Moon River Music Festival.

Brad talks about his time at Riot Fest in Chicago, while Lord Taco previews Tennessee's second annual CaveFest. The trio then shares their conversation with the indie rock band flipturn, who talks about playing in Chattanooga, getting their song "The Fall" on Rock Band 4, and more.

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Topics: Moon River, Riot Fest, CaveFest, flipturn

Guests: Dillon Basse, Madeline Jarman, Tristan Duncan, Devon VonBalson, Mitch Fountain

  1. Topics
  2. Moon River
  3. Riot Fest
  4. CaveFest
  5. flipturn
  1. Guests
  2. Dillon Basse
  3. Madeline Jarman
  4. Tristan Duncan
  5. Devon VonBalson
  6. Mitch Fountain
  1. Seasons
  2. Season 6
  1. Hosts
  2. Brad Steiner
  3. Barry Courter
  4. Lord Taco
  5. Bryan Stone

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