Catching Up with I am Bonnaroo Creator David Bruce

Season 6, Episode 25 October 4, 2023 1h 2m

Barry CourterLord Taco

Anyone who's been to the festival will tell you that Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is about much more than live music. Every attendee has a story, and over the decades, many of those stories intersect. To document the phenomenon, David Bruce launched the "I am Bonnaroo" photography project, which chronicles the many stories from The Farm.

Bruce has been capturing the sights and tales of Bonnaroo for over a decade now, having started this record-keeping mission in 2011. He joins Barry and Lord Taco on this episode of The What Podcast to talk about his journey, as well as the Bonnaroo Yearbook project he kicked off last year.

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Topic: Bonnaroo

Guest: David Bruce

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