Briston Maroney Talks Having His Dad at Bonnaroo '22 and Wristband Tan Lines

Season 5, Episode 19 July 7, 2022 18m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

While down at Bonnaroo this year, The What Podcast hosts Barry and Lord Taco got to speak with Briston Maroney for what is technically the Knoxville artist's third time on the show.

Following his That Tent show on Friday, Maroney spoke about what it means to be playing Bonnaroo -- especially as his father was in the audience this year for the Father's Day weekend set. He also touched on "that guy" in high school who always came back from The Farm wearing his wristbands until it fell off and the tan lines that remained like a badge of honor.

Take a listen to the episode above, or watch video of it over at YouTube. If you missed it, don't forget to check out The What Podcast's full recap of Bonnaroo 2022 as well.

This is one of three "snackable" episodes coming from The What Podcast this week as the gang reveals all their artist interviews from Bonnaroo 2022. Stay tuned for more episodes coming Friday and Saturday (July 8th and 9th).

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Guest: Briston Maroney

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