Bonnaroo Gumbo

Season 2, Episode 9 April 22, 2019 1h 4m

Brad SteinerBarry Courter

A little bit of everything in this week's episode. Brad and Barry talk the Moon River festival with the founder (and excellent singer-songwriter) Drew Holcomb and puts Bonnaroo in perspective from the vantage point of a boutique festival. Plus, Jake from Illiterate Light chats about their Roo show at the Who Stage and we give away a pair of tickets to ROO!!

Topics: Moon River, Illiterate Light, Bonnaroo

Guests: Drew Holcomb, Jake Cochran

  1. Topics
  2. Moon River
  3. Illiterate Light
  4. Bonnaroo
  1. Guests
  2. Drew Holcomb
  3. Jake Cochran
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  2. Season 2
  1. Hosts
  2. Brad Steiner
  3. Barry Courter

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