And the Bonnaroo Ticket Winner Is...

Season 6, Episode 11 April 26, 2023 1h 32m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

The great Bonnaroo ticket giveaway of 2023 has come to an end

On this special episode of The What Podcast, Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco finally reveal who won the pair of Bonnaroo tickets they had up for grabs. Listeners and festival fans from all over sent in their favorite Roo memories, reasons why they should go to the 2023 festival, and more. But only one could take home the passes, and that was Mich from Montana!

The crew talks with Mich, who will be making his first trip to the farm - an experience he hopes is life-affirming and life-altering.

Listen to Mich preview his first Bonnaroo experience on this episode of The What Podcast here. You can also watch the full discussion via YouTube. And while you're at it, do us a solid by liking, reviewing, and subscribing to The What wherever you get your podcasts. You can also follow the Consequence Podcast Network for updates on all our shows, and snag our "Radiate Positivity" T-shirt on the Consequence Shop.

Topics: Bonnaroo, Coachella

Guest: Mich

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