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Sylvan Esso on Their Bonnaroo SuperJam That Never Happened

February 8, 2023 26m
The 2023 Superjam lineup hasn't been announced yet, though...

For the latest High Five Clip, The What Podcast throws it back to 2021, the year of the Bonnaroo that wasn't. The crew was joined by Sylvan Esso, who were slated to host that year's SuperJam before... you know.

In this clip from last year, Sylvan Esso's Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn share what they had planned for SuperJam and detail learning about the festival's cancellation. The duo is back for Bonnaroo 2023, and the Superjam lineup hasn't yet been announced... could their original plans be resurrected?

Listen to Sylvan Esso chat about their lost Bonnaroo Superjam in the High Five Clip above, and then check out the full original episode here.

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