Bonnaroo SuperJam Announced and Our First Episode Ever

May 3, 2023 29m
New info on one of Bonnaroo's signature showcases, which will be hosted by Cory Wong

As we inch ever closer to Bonnaroo 2023, more and more exciting announcements just keep coming our way. The latest news to grace Roovians is the anticipated 2023 SuperJam, which will be hosted by Cory Wong.

On this episode of The What Podcast, Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco break down everything they know about the upcoming SuperJam before pondering the hectic situation surrounding ambulance services for the event. Read the article from the Manchester Times here.

Later, the crew reminisce with a High Five Clip from the first-ever episode of The What Podcast. They run through the weekly discussions that led to the show's birth and how they came upon what they describe as a "terrible name" for the series.

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