Why Moon River Festival Is Skipping 2024

Season 7, Episode 4 January 31, 2024 1h 10m

Barry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly speaks on why the festival isn't back, and what the city plans to do

After five years in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Moon River Festival is hitting the pause button for 2024. Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly joins hosts Barry, Lord Taco, and Bryan Stone on The What Podcast to discuss possible reasons why.

Despite three sell-out years in Chattanooga, Moon River won't be returning for what Mayor Kelly admits are complicated reasons. He points to the general impact of inflation, as well as the economics of a festival in 2024.

But while he hopes Moon River will return at some point in the future, he's not waiting around for the stars to align. "I can tell you behind the scenes, we're talking to some folks about trying to stand up something local," Mayor Kelly says, noting the event would focus on "local and smaller artists." "Because the consolidation of the festival business isn't helpful to any of this either, because there aren't enough entrants and competitors."

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