We Talk with Booking Agents About Music Festivals

Season 4, Episode 2 March 6, 2021 1h 23m

Brad SteinerBarry Courter

Over the years we've interviewed artists, venue owners, management, and more...but never the people who actually put artists on the road and on the stage. Today, Brad and Barry talk with Ali Hedrick and and John Bongiorno of Arrival Artists break down how booking works in a normal year and during a pandemic. This is a fascinating peek behind the curtain into what goes into the booking process, and we find out what we were wrong about in the past.

Also, Brad teases a little bit of news coming that's going to make big waves in the festival world. Find out what that could mean for Bonnaroo in September and hear what John and Ali have to say about the likelihood of us returning to The Farm this year.

Guests: Ali Hedrick, John Bongiorno

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