The What Podcast Joins Consequence Podcast Network

Season 4, Episode 5 April 28, 2021 30m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

A podcast for music festival fanatics hosted by music festival fanatics

If you believe there are Consequences for our actions, this should be good news. Brad and Barry are super excited to announce that The What Podcast is now part of the Consequence Podcast Network. The show will stay essentially the same, with Brad, a 20-year radio veteran, and Barry, a newspaper guy for the last 35 years, continuing to bring us the info and stories as only two music and festival fans with some insider knowledge can. That means more access for the fans, musicians and industry people who will share their passion and expertise. It also means shows every week. And, we have a brand new killer theme song from our friends *repeat repeat.

The What Podcast originally launched in 2018 as a way for two Bonnaroo veterans to talk about the thing they love in life the most: Bonnaroo. Over time, the podcast has evolved to cover the rest of the North American festival landscape and touring industry as a whole. In between dissecting lineups and discussing the latest headlines, you'll also hear interviews with artists, such as Radiohead's Ed O'Brien and and Lizzo, as well as industry insiders like Ashley Capps (AC Entertainment) and Jim Burruss (Columbia Records). If you're a live music junkie, this podcast is for you.

New episodes air weekly, but you can revisit past episodes of The What Podcast here.

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