The Aftermath of Bonnaroo's Cancellation on The What Podcast

Season 4, Episode 24 September 8, 2021 49m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

Was canceling the festival the right call? And where do we go from here?

A week ago, we were supposed to be getting ready to return to Manchester, Tennessee for Bonnaroo. Instead, Hurricane Ida rolled through and cancelled everyone's plans.

Okay, so we saw the storm coming, but we didn't anticipate it coming like this. We certainly didn't think "too much water" would be the reason Bonnaroo wouldn't happen for the second year in a row. After the year we've had, who did?

With what should have been 'Roo weekend behind us, Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco of The What Podcast gather again to discuss whether the cancellation of Bonnaroo was the right call, how people made the best of the situation, and where things might go from here.

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