Khruangbin Discuss Preparing for Bonnaroo 2021 on The What Podcast

Season 4, Episode 23 August 31, 2021 54m

Barry CourterLord Taco

The Texas-based band is set to play the Tennessee fest this Friday

Hurricane Ida changed plans for a lot of people, and hopefully everyone is safe and able to recover fully and quickly. The What Podcast's own Brad is safe in New Orleans dealing with the aftermath while still looking forward to a weekend in Tennessee. Before the hurricane hit, Barry was able to chat about preparing for Bonnaroo 2021 with Khruangbin's Laura Lee and D.J., who are set to perform on The Farm this Friday.

The pair talk about their come-up since first playing 'Roo in 2017, graduating from an early afternoon This Tent set to a prime evening show on the Which Stage. They also touch on the safety precautions Khruangbin has put in place for their trip to Manchester, all to ensure that their upcoming tour can go ahead as scheduled.

Also, if you're planning on being at Bonnaroo this year, keep a look out for The What Podcast crew's Camp Nutbutter; they'll be setting up their mailbox at the camp site's entrance, and you can drop off notes or record a greeting that just may get played on the show!

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Topics: Khruangbin, Bonnaroo

Guests: Laura Lee, Donald Ray "DJ" Johnson Jr.

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