Speakeasy-Roo with Roo Bus and Special Guests

Season 3, Episode 20 June 23, 2020 33m

Lord Taco

In a special impromptu crossover episode of The What Podcast and Story Time at the Roo Bus, we bring you details on a special Speakeasy-style Bonnaroo live from Winchester, TN. There's just one problem...Brad and Barry aren't here. Instead, we are joined by some very special guests: Daniel from The Roo Bus, Lindsey and Celia from Roo Fitness, Kyle the Bonnaroovian, and David from the I Am Bonnaroo film project.

We talk about some of our all-time favorite Bonnaroo moments and what we would have looked forward to seeing this year, had we been on The Farm. Also included are some voicemails left by you guys on our What Podcast Virtual Mailbox. We hope this brings you a little bit of Bonnaroo in June when we would otherwise be hanging out together. Special thanks to Lindsey from Roo Fitness and Daniel from Roo Bus for putting together this small, but enjoyable weekend! Also thanks to Lee Gibson, Seeds?, and DJ Snow for the live entertainment.

Topics: Bonnaroo, Roo Bus

Guests: David Bruce, Kyle, Lindsey Huffhines, Daniel Horton, Celia Jenkins

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