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Roo Bus Crossover

Roo Bus Crossover

Season 2, Episode 21 November 10, 2019 1h 22m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterBryan Stone

Today we bring you a very special episode of The What Podcast, with our good friends Daniel, Sharla, Brooklin, and Chelsey from The Roo Bus! They made the trip to Chattanooga from Huntsville so they could sit down with us and record an episode. Along with special guests Bryan Stone of StoneOnAir and Kevin and Mitchell from Camp Reddaroo, we talk Roo lineup rumors for 2020, some favorite Bonnaroo memories, and more.

Topic: Bonnaroo

Guests: Daniel from Roo Bus, Sharla from Roo Bus, Brooklin from Roo Bus, Chelsey from Roo Bus, Mitchell from Camp Reddaroo, Kevin from Camp Reddaroo

  1. Topics
  2. Bonnaroo
  1. Guests
  2. Daniel from Roo Bus
  3. Sharla from Roo Bus
  4. Brooklin from Roo Bus
  5. Chelsey from Roo Bus
  6. Mitchell from Camp Reddaroo
  7. Kevin from Camp Reddaroo
  1. Seasons
  2. Season 2
  1. Hosts
  2. Brad Steiner
  3. Barry Courter
  4. Bryan Stone

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