Remembering Jimmy Buffett

Season 6, Episode 21 September 6, 2023 40m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

Jimmy Buffett was a last-minute edition to the Bonnaroo lineup in 2009 after he reportedly reached out to organizers asking to be added. For Brad and Barry, it was a perfect example of the festival being flexible and a great opportunity for them to see an act they would not have otherwise seen. On this episode of The What Podcast, the crew honor the iconic singer-songwriter, who passed away on September 2nd at 76.

Elsewhere in the episode, we discuss which festivals we are going to this month. Barry and Lord Taco are headed back to Moon River in Chattanooga, and Brad will attend Riot Fest in Chicago for the first time. Also, we find out how Brad really feels about Buc-ee's.

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