Festival First Timers: Almost Monday

Season 4, Episode 7 May 12, 2021 52m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

The San Diego trio discuss their origins and more ahead of their Bonnaroo debut

This week on The What Podcast, now on the Consequence Podcast Network, Brad and Barry visit with Cole, Dawson and Luke of Almost Monday, who talk about how surfing brought the band together, the music scene in San Diego and how Eddie Vedder is influencing young musicians there in a huge way.

Topics: Amost Monday, Bonnaroo

Guests: Dawson Daugherty, Cole Clisby, Luke Fabry

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  3. Bonnaroo
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  2. Dawson Daugherty
  3. Cole Clisby
  4. Luke Fabry
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  2. Brad Steiner
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