Catching Up with *repeat repeat About Their New Album, Everyone Stop

Season 5, Episode 30 January 4, 2023 1h 3m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

Jared Corder and Kristyn Corder of the Nashville band sit down for a New Year interview

Happy New Year from The What Podcast! We're just a few days away from Bonnaroo revealing their 2023 lineup, but before we officially dive into the new festival season, Brad, Barry, and Lord Taco are catching up with one of their favorite bands: *repeat repeat.

The Nashville band's Jared Corder and Kristyn Corder join The What crew to discuss their terrific new album, Everyone Stop. They talk about creating the record's whopping 27 tracks, which happens to include this shows' theme song, "Aquarius."

Listen to the interview with *repeat repeat above or watch the conversation below, then be sure to like, review, and subscribe to The What Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Stay tuned next week for a special Tuesday episode coinciding with the Bonnaroo '23 lineup announcement!

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Topic: *repeat repeat

Guests: Jared Corder, Kristyn Corder

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