Bryan Stone's Ideal Schedule for Bonnaroo 2024

Season 7, Episode 17 May 8, 2024 1h 20m

Barry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

Plus, Live Reports from Lovin' Life and Shaky Knees

Music festival season has officially begun, and The What Podcast is here to soak it all in. On this episode, the hosts run through their experience at Shaky Knees 2024 and look ahead to their time on The Farm for Bonnaroo 2024.

The What crew kick off by giving the floor to Bryan, who charts out his ideal itinerary for Bonnaroo 2024. Then, Bryan and Barry check in with Lord Taco in Atlanta to hear about Shaky Knees before chatting with friend-of-the-show Trevin Bernarding about the Charlotte music festival Lovin' Life.

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Topics: Bonnaroo, Shaky Knees, Lovin' Life

Guest: Trevin Bernarding

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