Bonnaroo Ticketing and Camping Changes Questions Answered

Season 5, Episode 28 November 16, 2022 33m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord Taco

C3 Presents’ Project Manager of US Festivals Brad Parker and Marketing Director Cory Smith answer your questions

Listeners of last week's The What Podcast found out that big changes are coming to the way you select and purchase your Bonnaroo tickets and camping options for next year. Today, the hosts aim to add further clarity to all of the adjustments.

As promised, C3 Presents' Project Manager of US Festivals Brad Parker and Marketing Director Cory Smith are back to answer listener-submitted questions about all the coming changes. To find out how these things will affect your Bonnaroo camping and ticketing experience, listen now or watch the full via Consequence or YouTube.

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In this episode
5:40What about Groop Camping? Decoupling Centeroo from camping and ice
7:28VIP camping and lounges/entrances
16:54Buying a campground ticket without buying a Centeroo ticket?
19:54ADA for campground and activities
21:30What if you already purchased tickets last year?
22:49Any changes to capacity next year?
23:40Picking your own spot in the campgrounds
28:06Key things to remember

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