Bonnaroo Booker Bryan Benson Dives Deep into the 2023 Lineup

Season 6, Episode 2 January 18, 2023 1h 4m

Brad SteinerBarry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

Consequence's Editorial Director and resident Roovian Ben Kaye also joins the convo

Amid a wild week of festival announcements, one lineup unsurprisingly reigned supreme for The What Podcast crew - Bonnaroo 2023.

During a special live episode of The What Podcast, Brad, Barry and Lord Taco were joined by Bryan Benson, a lead booker with Live Nation, for a deep dive into this year's Roo lineup. Benson helps break down the curation of such a lineup, offers news about what 2023's SuperJam will look like, and more. Consequence's own Editorial Director Ben Kaye joins the conversation as well, offering expertise as a long-time Roovian and seasoned festival-goer.

Listen to the episode here, or watch the full conversation on YouTube. Make sure to keep up with the podcast is it covers the entire festival season by liking, reviewing, and following wherever you get your podcasts.

Topics: Bonnaroo, SuperJam

Guests: Bryan Benson, Ben Kaye

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