Re:SET Festival and Why You Need to Watch Noah Kahan at Bonnaroo

June 14, 2023 14m
Brad and Barry fit in some last minute thoughts before hitting The Farm

Roovians... it's time. It's finally Bonnaroo Week! We made it, and we have your can't miss set of Bonnaroo 2023: Noah Kahan.

Lord Taco is already on The Farm, so Brad and Barry hop on for a quick meeting to preview the weekend and chat about the traveling Re:SET concert series. The two also revisit their Noah Kahan interview from earlier this year in a special Bonnaroo week High Five Clip. After hearing their discussion, and checking out his music, Kahan will undoubtedly jump up to the top of your Bonnaroo 2023 must-see list.

Listen to Brad and Barry chat about Re:SET and Noah Kahan, or watch it via YouTube. Also be sure to check out the full interview with Noah Kahan. While you're at it, go ahead and like, review, and subscribe to The What Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.


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