Bonnaroo Day Passes and Tales from Bourbon & Beyond

Season 7, Episode 6 February 14, 2024 1h 6m

Barry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

Bonnaroo is also offering a new two-day option

On this episode of The What Podcast, Barry, Lord Taco, and Bryan are joined by guests Trevin Bernarding and Chris Dossett to dive into the return of Bonnaroo day passes and discuss the attendee experience of the Bourbon and Beyond Festival, after we gushed over the lineup last week and talked to Dan, who attended the festival in 2022.

The crew discusses Bourbon & Beyond's consistently good lineups, but also explores the fest's attempts to craft an immersive experience (with particular grievances when it comes to lines for water and restrooms). Having been there themselves, Bernardi and Dossett share their opinion on whom they think is the right type of audience for this festival.

In other festival news, Bonnaroo has brought back one-day passes! The crew discusses their return, as well as the introduction of a two-day option. We've also got tickets to give away. More on that in the coming weeks, so make sure you're subscribed to The What Podcast and visit for more info.

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Topics: Bourbon & Beyond, Bonnaroo

Guests: Trevin Bernarding, Chris Dossett

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