Barry's Must-See Artists for Bonnaroo 2024

Season 7, Episode 19 May 22, 2024 1h 17m

Barry CourterLord TacoBryan Stone

Less than a month 'til Roo!

This week on The What Podcast, Barry shares which acts are on his Bonnaroo 2024 don't-miss list and which will be "walk bys." He also explains why the Beer Exchange on Friday is at the top of his list of things to do. The guys go old school, really old school, as Barry shares photos of a 1916 Victrola he's refurbishing, while Lord Taco talks about an old iPod he's brought back to life.

Bryan and Lord Taco also weigh in on news that Fred Again.. played in Las Vegas and the just-announced Outeroo schedule.

Don't forget, the latest competition from The What Podcast is still on, and gang wants to hear from you! Give a call to The What Podcast official voicemail line at (423) 667-7877 and share your best Bonnaroo tips, tell a favorite Bonnaroo memory, or ask a question. They'll then select one winner to receive a prize package of Bonnaroo memorabilia from Barry's basement!

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